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Case Studies

Weston Park

Painting Weston Red.

Can you do some marking out for us please? A simple question from a large publicity company, to which the answer was, yes we can!

The company in question was actually representing the car giant, Toyota, and they were looking for some designed branding to furnish the grassed area on and around their stand at the T4 Festival in Weston-super-Mare.

The design was fairly simple, just a range of different sized circles, to be painted in two colours, white and the correct pantone which makes the Toyota red.

As with all these types of events, coordination is the key to success as you find yourself trying to work with other trades, all with a common aim; to be finished as per schedule and in time for the event.

Doing line marking on grass however does mean that we were limited slightly as to when we could do our work. If it was done first, as the PR agency had initially asked, then the lorries and foot traffic involved in the stage building, lighting, crowd barriers and audio systems would probably have ruined the work. I explained to the PR guys that line marking was usually the last job carried out on the playing surface for that reason, and that we would really need to be the last people on site to complete our work -and so it came to be.

I took Dan Hughes with me from our sales office, as punishment for taking on these jobs (usually I get lumbered by myself), and we stopped at Fleet Linemarkers en route to pick up the Super C and the specially mixed Pantone red 186 paints. Special thanks should be passed to Dr. Peter Taylor, Fleet’s chemist, who produced the perfect match.

Thanks also to Laurence (writing) Gale, we had borrowed two kombi spray markers from local sports clubs, so we were ready for the mania that lay ahead.

With an event the size of T4, and around 50,000 festival goers, accommodation was like rocking horse manure. A timely call to Jon Lawrence (a regular message board contributor and local resident) ensured a room for the night in return for a curry and some flowers for his understanding wife!

Dan and I met our organisers on site and were given security passes so that we could gain access to the whole area. This was particularly important as the free canteen was situated right behind the main stage on the beach!

We set about our task with vigour, first setting out the area and then putting down markers for all the circles. The circles themselves were outlined with paint brushes, using thin wooden batons measured to the appropriate radii. With a drilled hole and a nail at one end, the baton was then moved around to provide the outer and inner edges of each circle. Once Dan had the hang of this measuring out, I got on with the task of spraying in the circles in the correct colours.

On the Friday night we had measured out most of the area and, with an early start on Saturday, we had managed to ‘block’ in the circle colours by lunchtime.

By the time we finished, the site was looking great and our branding effort finished off the Toyota Aygo stand beautifully.

Before we got sign-off for the work, Dan managed to persuade the PR team that it was important to be around on the day of the event, in case any of the logo design needing topping up – this gained him ‘all area access’ to the main Sunday event for two people.

I understand he had a great time enjoying all the acts such as Duffy, The Zutons and McFly, both in front and back stage – lucky blighter!